Illma Gore

Visual Art – Brisbane

\"Some say she\'s half human, half fish finger. Others say its more of a 70/30 split\" Illma Gore is an international street and contemporary artist, Brisbane\'s art culture labelled \'local bad arse\', Illma\'s works are controversial, and clever. The self proclaimed \'smart arse\' works in juxtapositions and cognitive dissonance, creating beautiful fine art pieces and then vandalising her own work in a pop contemporary art style. Sponsored in many areas of her work Illma endeavours to continue to give her exhibiting pieces away for a donation of any amount to one of her chosen charities. The 21 year old entrepreneur studied a Diploma of Interactive Digital Media and has recently started her own clothing label that launched in August, which is now located in Melbourne, Australia. You can catch Illma live painting at multiple festivals and events throughout Australia, MCing live street art battles through \'Scribble Slam\', exhibitions throughout Australia and the USA, or just generally running a muck. GC\'s ZINE labelled her \"pop up op shop public lounge room library cigar reading area fun time installation\" and other art, just \'antics\'. Illma has much bigger things planned for artistic culture, the world is her canvas, and she plans to do what ever the hell she likes with it.