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Craft – Salt Lake City, UT

First, I obtain a logging permit through the National Forest to take Quaking Aspen dead-fall logs. I pick out every log and cut them down myself. This in turn reduces the fuel for enormous wildfires to burn. Then I prep every log for my lanterns by hallowing them out. After that, I hand draw and carve every design free-hand. Then glue, sand, and finish with a spar-urethane finish for moisture and UV protection. They are beautiful beyond words. The beetle that is killing them will eat a pattern around the tree until it dies. The process creates a unique design that can never be duplicated or reproduced. Paired with a free-hand design, these lanterns are one-of-a kind. I have been perfecting this art for 4 years now. By trial and error, I have pushed my boundaries beyond what I ever imagined. I test out different things and have come up with a unique product that I believe in. ...more