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Visual Art – Phoenix, AZ

It's not that I choose to create. It's that creating chose me. As a young child I loved to draw and created my first cartoon at age 6, complete with a storyboard and animations! I also had a love of using my hands to build things. I would find random stuff around the house and find ways to use that random stuff to build other random things. Haha. As a teenager I found music and picked up the guitar after hearing bands like Pink Floyd and Metallica. (I mean who wouldn't?!) I wrote my first songs as a teenager and played with friends in bands. Sometimes I feel like music and art were actually born into me and I don't have any choice in the matter. :) Sometime around my late twenties I had a close friend who made unique rusted art which inspired me to build my first lamp, and I instantly fell in love. Something about light and the way it reflects off of different materials like metal, glass, etc. Years went by and one day again lamps came back into my life. One day the lamp outside my front door went bad. I went to Home Depot to get a new one and thought they were all so ugly and generic looking, so I decided to make my own. That turned in to me making custom lights for all of my outside lights. Then I made custom kitchen lights, then my bathroom, then my hallway....LOL Over the years I have fallen in love with building handmade custom lamps. I really enjoy creating custom branded lamps for business and for peoples homes. Lamps make the world go 'round! - Ok maybe not. But they should!!! :) ...more