Isa Guadalupe Medina

Fashion – San Diego

I was born and raised in Tijuana and moved to San Diego when I was nine. I became interested in fashion at the age of thirteen when I had to do a project on someone successful in business and I chose Carolina Herrera. She inspired me to become a fashion designer because of the elegance, simplicity, and beauty of her designs. From there I started taking sewing classes at Fiveloaves Twofish and have been working there for the past four years and have learned a lot about the business side of fashion. It is not just about making pretty dresses but about the passion and thought behind each garment. During High School I had the opportunity to travel to Ghana for community service and experience a new world. I fell in love with the African culture and art that I brought back home fabrics and created my first collection for my AP Art Portfolio. I am currently studying fashion design in Mesa College and planning on transferring to New York or London. I enjoy every step of fashion design, from collecting inspiration, sketching, making patterns, cutting, sewing, and seeing the finished garment.