Barry Daly
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Photography – Los Angeles - Downtown, CA

"When you find something you love, you'll never work a day in your life". There was definitely a time when I truly believed that cliche, and many spend their entire lives searching for that very thing. What I've learned is this, when you find work that you truly love it makes it easier to say " I have work to do". Now, that doesn't promise that every moment will be more joyful than the last, but it in fact guarantees that many of your moments will be spent making the world a better place. That's what it truly looks like when a person has finally found that thing that at least bring sunshine to their life and over flows into the lives of those whom they encounter. All of these things explain how I feel every time I pick up my camera. The shutter click can be an absolute adrenaline rush. I can't say that in the years since I began shooting that I've come across many who understand my "why". I, like many others, was not necessarily met with enthusiasm when I realized for myself just how much I loved photography. For many that would have deterred them and lead them to believe that maybe they needed to keep searching. Unfortunately for the naysayers I didn't allow them to deter my dream and now I can say for myself after four years of hard work, trial & error, and thoughts of giving up, I find myself here. I, Barry, am a photographer, and as long I am able I will leave my mark on those around me, art, & of course life beyond comma of an existence. So, come with me on this journey. I really want to thank each and every one of you that have shown me support whether it be through following me on IG, monetary support, your time, or words of encouragement. Thank you so much, and if we have yet to sit down and work together know that I am excited to get to work today. Let's Make Memories! ...more