Ivan Vazquez

Visual Art – Chicago

Ivan Vazquez born in Chicago Illinois in the 1980\'s. Raised on the south side of Chicago to later relocate to the North-side of the city where his art found direction. His influences initially came from music and the Chicago street life in the early 1990\'s. Ivan\'s work tells stories pertaining to humanistic, domestic, cultural, and social issues from a urban vantage point. Self taught his work is Realism, Surrealism, Pop art, Portrait style, and Modern abstract expressionism. The work itself very humanistic, but broad. Questioning Social structure and the affects of it on modern day society. His work is powerful, insightful, and positive. \"Growing up in Chicago I have lost people really close to me to gang violence and to many of the issues we all deal with in major cities around the country. I wanted to do something about it. \" Stories from \"Stakes is High\" Ivan Vazquez\'s budding collection incites change and alacrity.