Terrence  Loftus
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Terrence Loftus

Visual Art – Indianapolis, IN

I live in Indianapolis. I'm originally from Chicago. I support myself, at the very least I work full time. I paint, I sketch, I doodle, I create. I struggle as much as the next artist. My Artwork, wall and spray paint mixed together and sprayed with colognes, perfumes and rubbing alcohol, mixed with random objects such as stones, aquarium rocks and candle wax on canvas, wood, cardboard. . . . anything flat, anything presentable. My process, self taught and constantly progressing. At my first RAW show in 2013 I was invited to a gallery and told that my artwork would fit right in, where I spent 3 years showing full time as the gallery's assistant manager. Currently I am a founding member of Indys Full Circle Nine Gallery. I wouldn't be the artist I've become without the opportunity's presented to me through RAW. ...more