Jack Giovinetti

Visual Art – Philadelphia

Described as “Picasso and Van Gogh’s illegitimate son”, Jack Giovinetti is a contemporary artist whose art you can’t help but feel deep within your soul. His life has not been an easy one, having had his share of tragic moments. With each obstacle, Jack’s spiritual journey expanded, his senses heightened and his creativity further enhanced. His ability to “know” is a spiritual gift and very often the inspiration for his work. You’ll notice that the images he creates often depict angels, as well as people in the midst of intense emotion. As he creates these he has no idea what the finished product will look like. He gets motivated to put a vision on paper, but is never sure of what that vision is until he steps back and takes a look when completed. It’s really as if he is in a deep meditative space when creating. Jack says that many times he has had someone he meets tell him that one of his paintings looks like someone close to them or really resonates with them deeply. He is sure that the paintings, drawings and sculptures are never meant for him. He is simply the conduit by which the heavens speak to those he comes in contact with. His ability to capture our emotions (especially those he’s never met) and put them perfectly into a piece of art that calls our name… in under an hour no less, is simply astonishing! Jack Giovinetti is a soulful master who does not have formal training, He works with pencil, charcoal, oil, acrylic and… melted crayon, which creates an image that is extremely vibrant and intensely soulful, just like him.