Dime a Daisiee by Jami Larin

Fashion – Long Beach

Vivacious, Eclectic, and certainly Memorable. This 23 year old fashion designer is a force to be reckoned with. Jami Larin has had a love for fashion since she was a little gal in her pull ups. Her Vintage, Fantasy, & Rock N' Roll infused clothing brings a different kind of style that brightens up the fashion world. From skater wear to avant garde pieces, her versatility is a strength she is blessed to have. She firmly believes her clothing is a representation of what a modern young woman is today. 1)Strong 2)Beautiful 3)Independent 4)Dazzling Jami is not only proud of her designs, but she also holds great pride in the way she showcases her fashion shows. Her shows are DEFINITELY not typical run of the mill shows. Her music choices and use of props is just the tip of what makes her fashion shows unique and unforgettable. Dancing, kissing, smoking, and bums in the air! Jami's models have been known to do basically anything that isn't X Rated on the runway. Her shows are unpredictable, full of life, and DEFINITELY not snooze fests. “Fashion is my life, my air, my everything. It is the one thing in my life that I know will always be there. Nothing will get in my way. I will be apart of the fashion industry till I'm old and gray.” - Jami