Janae Dunn
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Music – Phoenix, AZ

Janae Dunn is a singer-songwriter and actress born and raised in Arizona. Dunn is her own unique musical tapestry, integrating the many styles and sounds that have plucked her heart-strings over the course of her journey. She is “fresh pop” with authenticity. Her newly release album titled "Gonna Be Alright" launched last month in which she had a chance to co-produce closely as well with Arizona's on-the-rise engineer/producer Erick Morina of Morina Studios. This mosaic of songs will set the stage for who Dunn is an artist...and it's just the beginning! From empowering fight songs like "Waves", confetti tracks like "Sour" and "Be Alright", to some of her more vulnerable moments like "Covers" and "When You Only Think About Yourself" -- no matter the song, you will catch yourself gripping to the ebbs and flows of emotions as you ride the sound waves of each song, feeling all the feels! Her music reflects her values-- self-worth, positive vibes, and redemption. Even in the heartbreak you will hear the "silver" streaming within the lyrics. Her purpose with her music is to aim to provide strength and a brighter perspective on life. That it's OK to feel everything-- even the pain. Find those gems beneath our rubble, dig 'em out, and just let 'em shine! ...more