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Music – Raleigh, NC

For Atlanta-native and 2019 CMA award winner, Janelle Sy’mone , soul stirring and electrifying performances are the life blood of her shows. For over two years, she has captured the attention of many audiences with her lush sound and high energy stage presence.Born to a single mother of five, Janelle stood out as the “star-kid”. As young as the age of six, she would be heard belting out songs such as “You Bring Me Joy” by Anita Baker, “Fire and Desire” by Rick James and Teena Marie and “Happy Feelings” by Frankie Beverly and Maze. Music became an escape for the songstress as she and her mother both survived domestic violence. “Music was an escape.....a reality outside of the hurt and broken one I had come to know.” Now as a young adult and newly relocated to Raleigh,NC, Janelle Sy’mone has made her struggles truly transformative as she graces the stages across the world. You’ll be sure to feel the electricity in her work as well as the gumption in her walk. “It’s very few people who can work a stage like she can!” ...more

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Showcasing in Raleigh, NC

PREMIERE at The Ritz – Jan 30, 2020 @7:00PM