Jardene photography

Photography – Calgary

Andy Denton, originally from England, is the owner of Jardene Photography, based in the Canadian Rockies. With a passion for fast-action sports like skiing and mountain biking, he initially started capturing moments of amateur ski racers, including his daughters. Gradually honing his skills through high-level photography courses, Andy ventured into fine art photography, which led to numerous award-winning images. A Platinum member of Canon Professional Services, Andy exclusively utilizes Canon products, employing the Canon R5 as his primary camera and the Canon 5D Mark III as a backup. His photography has garnered accolades, including awards from FAPA, ND Awards, and the Epson Pano Awards. He further elevated his craft by joining the Master’s Photographers International and obtaining a Craftsman degree in Nature Photography, scoring points towards his Master's in Nature Photography and Fine Art Photography. Andy's expertise as a nature photographer continues to captivate and inspire, earning him recognition for his exceptional work.