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Jasmin Tafreshi

Photography – San Diego, CA

Born and raised in sunny San Diego, I have always had a passion for creating timeless idiosyncratic portraits that will allow the observer to connect with the subject and open their mind, entering my realm of creativity. My journey began at the age of 13 when my grandfather passed down my first film camera. I remember holding the camera in my hand absolutely amazed with all the buttons and knobs that were all unknown to me. Since I was a toddler, I would always snatch my parents cell phones and take photos of literally anything in site, from flowers to forcing my playmates and little brother to pose in front of the camera. It was all so amusing to me how we can capture one moment in an instant and that moment will never change. I now enjoy and often shoot timeless unique high fashion portraiture, it allows me to portray my inventiveness in fashion. Creating unique pieces has changed my life entirely. Cliche or not, for once in my life, the camera was mine to create what I wanted to expose to the world. You gain control of how you frame the world. Depression and anxiety had stripped my life of its colors, but as I looked through a lens it all was slowly painting back. In this short period of time the world is a whole new place to me. Photography became my outlet of expression, completely in my control. ...more

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PREMIERE at House of Blues (21+) – Jan 28, 2020 @6:00PM