Jayden Premo
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Music – Toronto, ON

Raised in a familiar urban area that’s recognized for criminal behavior in Toronto, better known as Jane & Finch. Established by his stage ­name "Jayden Premo", Jevaughn Bailey is one of the very few artists that describes himself as devoted, and motivated. At the tender age of 11, he experimented for fun in his bedroom with a dollar store purchased microphone, and sound recording software. Jayden instantly fell in love with recording music, spending days and nights teaching himself everything he possibly could. In the moment of history, Soujla Boy newly released his “Crank That” single. Jayden Premo remixed the song in dedication to Brookview Middle School; the school he was currently attending. This drew a lot of attention to him in school with fellow students encouraging him to continue creating. Only fitting his calling, Jayden Premo stumbled on poetry and songwriting which immediately gave him the drive to learn more about hip hop music and other genres. Born in between two generations of music, his childhood was spent listening to a lot of Lil Bow Wow, 50 Cent, T Pain, and Lil Wayne. As he got older, he then transitioned into listening to artists like Speaker Knockerz, Big Sean, Kid Ink, and Chief Keef. He fused these two generations of music to form the sound that we now hear from him today. By the age of 16, in high school he was no longer an ordinary writer, he became a very constructed lyricist with superb delivery. This indefatigable hip-hop singer became so fluent with audio recording and engineering that it allowed him to create his own music professionally. Today, the energy of melodic flow is what defines the sound of Jayden Premo. The sound that he brings out is motivational and relatable to the young adults living in a struggling community. He faces a lot of different obstacles and success. This is overall expressed in his music. ...more