Joseph Cabello

Visual Art – Los Angeles - Downtown

Article by: Christian Davis The Tulare, CA born artist known as Joseph Cabello is here to astonish and amaze. His talent at the age of 22 is something to be admired and looked at by all up and coming artists. Drawing ever since he could remember, he even participated in art shows at his local fairs as early as 1st grade. From elementary school on he was convinced art was going to be his life. High school was a major turning point in his career as an artist. He began to learn about the history of art and the techniques used by some of his favorite artists, Picasso, Degas, Craola Guy Aitchison, who he holds in high regard. Joseph draws most of his inspiration for both artists of the past as well as artists currently in the mix. Now a graduate of the Art Institute of Los Angeles, Joseph is driven to make a career of his art. Look out for Joseph Cabello in the very near future. He has no other choice but Success.