Visual Art – Los Angeles - Downtown

In 1985 after having mastered his artistic craft, a young artist combined his two passions (Art & Road Racing) into what has evolved into J Carlos Racing Art and one of the most exciting Motoring Illustrators of our time! These breathtaking pen & ink illustrations capture not only the grace and beauty of Motorsports, but also the technical brilliance of man and machine at the highest level of performance! Using a technique known as “stippling” the artist replaces color using tiny lines and dots in varying sizes and concentrations’ to create these black and white masterpieces. The contrast created by this technique freezes man and machine in amazing detail and realism, capturing forever these legends of Motorsport at the peak of their careers. Relive the famous battle between world champion Eddie Lawson and the returning legend Freddie Spencer “Trading Places” to rekindle a decade long rivalry. Enjoy the beauty and grace of the great Kevin Schwantz “On the Edge” in brilliant control of a 200 hp fire breathing iron horse! Re-live the moment as “Father and Son” Mario and Mike Andretti do battle together one final time in the twilight of a magical career and the dawn of what was to be another! Each of these hand-drawn illustrations is the result of up to 150 hours of meticulous work and commitment. Reproduced in stunning quality for a long lasting collectible that will never stop turning heads!!