Jenn Brisson

Visual Art – Vancouver

Vancouver based artist, Jenn Brisson, started her Art Career in Classical Animation right out of high school and worked around the world as an Art Director and Supervisor on kids\' TV shows and feature films. This did not stop her from being creative on her own time. Whether it was through music, dance or painting, Jenn has always found time to submerge herself in the arts. It is obvious how much kids\' story books and nursery rhymes, Saturday Morning Cartoons and all those years working in the industry have had such an influence on her work. As such, Jenn\'s paintings have introduced the world to a band of mischievous toys, whimsical beings and earthly Spirits created with a dark, yet playful element. Her colours, textures and technique of mixing materials in her paintings have become one of her trademarks, as well as discovering canvases in items that that yearn for a new life, such as broken skateboards, old drum parts and, as of late, helicopter fuselages. Jenn\'s work has traveled abroad and has been published in comics, kids\' novels and various art books, with the intention of one day having her own line of children\'s books, games and toys. Currently, she lives and works on Pleasure Mountain (aka Mt Pleasant), paints in her sleep, studies and performs Tribal Fusion Belly Dance and Hula-Hooping, stilt walks in parades and festivals and is living life to the fullest.