Jerrra Blues/Satorii

Music – New York - NYC

An exciting era of music has dawned. The beauty, creativity, and uplifting melodies of modern electronic music have ushered in new possibilities afforded to live electronica bands, of which Satorii, fronted by Jerrra Blues, is at the cutting edge. Members: Jerrra Blues: Lead vocals \"I\'m a singer/songwriter, soul inspirer, dreamer, lover, bgirl, dancer, experimenter. I create to live and inspire others to make sense.\" Sethro: Guitar Alex Mal: Electronics and effects; keyboards Jim St. Amour: Drums.... Our backgrounds are varied, and this drives our unique sound! We met and formed online early in 2013. First there was Jerrra, by way of Russia, who teamed up with Alex who was pursing his own style of electronica. Then they recruited Jim who imbued the music with his 30+ years of jazz and live drum n\' bass experience. Then they found Sethro at Funkadelic rehearsal studios, and he brings another aspect of live energy to the band. Live electronica is the driving force of both current and future music! So, enter this present movement with Satorii and Jerrrablues and let yourself be taken to a euphoric place from which you won\'t want to come back!