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Fashion – New York - Brooklyn, NY

My name's Jes Davis I'm an artist from the bay area of CA. My interest in art came at an early age having been exposed to art created by my family, many in my family are painters. Starting off with pastel and acrylic being my mediums, I transitioned into creating mixed media pop art collage work; using paint and pastels as the foundation and implementing found objects and paper cut outs. My art is heavily influenced by by punk, grunge and alternative cultures. As a kid that's what I was, a punk kid who hangout by herself just creating things for me to look at; it made me feel good. It wasn't until fairly recently that I decided to share and promote my art. I have collage work that I created when I was in high school that I hadn't shown anyone until about a year ago. During that same year I started working on jackets, just messing around with my clothes, and got a surprising response to my shirts and jackets. The jackets, the shirt work and collage art are all one, they flow in and out of each other. ...more