Jess Bala

Visual Art – Pittsburgh

I\'ve been creating for as long as I can remember. It\'s an itch I can never scratch hard enough. I once fancied myself as more of a painter, but despite my love for it, it always left me wanting. I dabbled in Special Effects make-up for a while, but I didn\'t have the necessary passion to continue that pursuit. A fortunate lay-off led me to pursue a second shot at furthering my education. I had previously attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania for Art Education, but was unfortunately unable to finance it at the time. I started classes at CCAC Allegheny in Fall of 2012. That\'s where I really found my love of all things clay. I still explore many mediums, but clay has been the one to really speak to me. The extra dimension that clay offers establishes a more tangible sense of reality. By using sculpture as a medium, I can create and breath life into a being of my own design.