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Jessica Keay

Craft – Calgary, ALB

I am originally from Fall River, Nova Scotia and moved to Calgary 6 years ago to be a Design Consultant which lasted about 2 years until I found my way back into the restaurant industry ( I also was in Culinary Arts ) where I am now as a head Bartender. I always loved being creative, whether it’s making shrubs for my cocktails or sketching in my free time, it helps me to de-stress. During my first two years at Hotel Arts I was able to showcase my creative side and design chalkboards at work! While searching for design inspo on Pinterest, I came across Macrame and followed a tutorial on how to make them and totally got addicted! I tried finding a way to make pieces that were original and I started finding Crystal Rods to use and then expanded to Antlers from my friends father who is a hunter ! My vision is to hopefully in the future design backdrops for weddings ! ...more

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Showcasing in Calgary, ALB

STELLAR at Marquee (18+) – 24 Oct 2019 @7:00PM