Joana Esteves

Photography – Houston

Born in Portugal and always in connection with music and photography since childhood, Joana Esteves grew fascinated by music and finished her Music Technology & Production Foundation course in the UK through Plymouth University and North Devon College. Along her passion for music and being not only a singer but also a songwriter and lyricist, photography had always been a part of her and another way of expressing the way she viewed the world. In 2009 Esteves founded her solo Fine Art Photography project with her own name, Joana Esteves Photography. In 2010 she founded a join venture with the photographer Mark Roden, creating a multi-services photography company and art venue called JoMar Visions LLC that includes event, portrait, commercial and fine art photography as well as other artists\' representation, art exhibits and event hosting. In 2011 Joana Esteves found herself spanning into other forms of creativity and mediums, and started painting as well. Joana Esteves art can be found in private collections in the USA and Portugal.