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Visual Art – Boston, MA

A NJ native artist currently residing in Arlington, MA. John's work is primarily rooted in the style of abstract expressionism with an emphasis on subconscious and spontaneous compositions. His ongoing projects include various media — pen & ink, acrylic, and oils. With ballpoint pen ink making up the smaller works on paper; every mark is permanent from start to finish. No foresight or planning goes into the process, which allows for intuitive and unprompted compositions to unfold. The inspiration for his colored works — mostly on canvas — comes from the desire to work with paint in an equally spontaneous style. During a single session, several pieces are developed simultaneously — all while embracing a minimalist style, in which no brushes or palettes are used. Paint is either applied by hand, bottles, or by directly transferring the paint from the surface of other pieces. Each work is unique and he strives never to repeat a painting or drawing twice. ...more

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Showcasing in Boston, MA

GLOW at Mixx 360 (21+) – May 07, 2020 @7:00PM