Visual Art – Columbus

Originally from Cancun, Mexico I’ve been in Ohio most of my life now. I begun to share interests in art at a young age, my mother and father always influenced me because they are artists too. I had a few occasions in middle school that would shape me into being an artist. I was voted best artist and I did an exhibition in Toledo, Ohio. I didn’t pick art up again until a few years after high school. In 2015 I decided to pursue a career in art, started painting animals and other things I came up with. Using mostly acrylic paint, I really liked painting animals, and then I began to paint portraits of people, a few escapes and my own ideas eventually. I really enjoy painting animals, especially the eyes. Painting the eye of whatever subject I’m doing is always my favorite part, the windows to the soul as they say. I have done gallery exhibits, showcasing throughout many events, pop-up shows, live painting events, and I was an intern at a local reputable gallery for 3 years. I am excited to be moving into apparel and painting clothes and bags and other accessories. I have been doing wine and art events recently and those are a fun avenue as well. You can find my social media pages on Facebook and Instagram at @ElArtistaVales And my apparel brand @OgustoCollection