Joshua Tarquinio

Photography – Pittsburgh

Joshua studied media production at Robert Morris University and currently works in television production while working to get his photography company off the ground. His mission is to tell a story, provoke thought, evoke emotion, and spark imagination with every photograph. The ultimate goal is to create truly personal portraits that will last generations and stand as more than just a record of what the subject looks like. In the meantime, he\'s found he has grown as an artist by forcing himself to look more carefully at the world around him; to seek out the stories and the beauty in everything. He concedes that sometimes a photograph with no meaning to him can still be valid and beautiful, but he tends to reject the photos that don\'t speak to him, the photos that were too simple to capture, the photos that anybody could have thought to have done. On his art, his mission is to create something to be looked at for longer than a beat whether it inspires, entertains, thrills, relaxes, permits an escape, or just straight up ties the room together.