JR Kingdon
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Photography – Toronto, ONT

JR is a Canadian commercial portrait and lifestyle photographer hailing from the Niagara Region but working wherever his camera takes him. Learning the ropes, he bounced around between photography genres before figuring out what he really wanted to photograph: people and adventures, and both at the same time whenever possible. Drawing inspiration from photographers such as Forrest Mankins, Samuel Elkins, and Andrew Kearns, he plans to travel out west to photograph the most picturesque sights that the west coast has to offer. A recent graduate of Niagara College Canada's Digital Photography program, JR is constantly pushing his creative boundaries working with new companies like Keyway Designs and East Coast Lifestyle as well as always looking to work with new brands and partners and is always searching for new collaborations. He also encourages e-mails about hidden scenic gems, and good places to eat near them. ...more