Performing Art – Providence

A native of New York, Justin Farmer embarked on his dance journey at Everett Company Stage and School, a distinguished nonprofit dedicated to nurturing talented youth. His passion led him to the Jacqueline M. Walsh School for the Performing and Visual Arts, a renowned public arts high school in Rhode Island. Under Tovah Bodner Muro's skilled guidance, he explored modern dance, classical ballet, and dance composition. During his time at Walsh School, Justin became integral to Thr3e Live Dance Complex, a dynamic Providence, Rhode Island community. This dance collective not only provides inner-city kids with a platform for self-expression but also offers affordable, industry-level training. Continuing his pursuit at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), Justin earned a BFA in dance. CalArts transformed him, offering experiences like the acclaimed "Camping in Paris" workshop. Where he even taught a Hip Hop class to a diverse, global group of artists. Enriched by collaborations with artists like Nina Flagg and Rubberlegz, Justin's past works address pressing social issues. His CalArts solo explored the mental health of his generation, echoing themes of racism and police brutality. Beyond dance, Justin explores acting, film, and visual design. His installation, "Every Day is Black," confronted police brutality and its lasting effects on society. Notably, he initiated CalArts' hip-hop dance club, “C.D.C.” Post-graduation, Justin actively seeks opportunities in digital, tech, and creative arts. His vision is a multidisciplinary production company that challenges audience perceptions and interactions. With unwavering dedication, Justin aspires to leave a lasting mark in dance and beyond.