Jsun Infinity
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Music – Dallas, TX

Jsun Infinity(Born J.C.L Moore) is a hiphop/R&B/new wave/recording/performing artist, song writer, and producer. He started writing at the age of 8 with the aspirations to be a stand up comedian or actor. At the age of 16 is when he decided to get into the artistry of rhythm and poetry; and therefore has done it ever since. After hundreds of open mic performances, random showcases around the US, and trial and error, Jason finally found his place in the music world through his brand he marks as 888 or "Triple 8"; stating that it is the mark of forever that stands to preserve what we hold dear to our hearts with anything we pursue or love in life. He has found this in his music. With his raw cadence, heavy sentences, and straight forward delivery, he definitely expresses this to its full extent. His first official project entitled "888work" is out on all platforms now. ...more