Justin Christopher Ayd

Film – Minneapolis

Justin is a Minneapolis based filmmaker and freelance videographer / editor who has wanted to make motion pictures since 1992. He completed a film, television and radio program at Boston University in the summer of 2001 and in 2003 won a Student Emmy for a three minute documentary teaser called “War – High School Reflections”. His short subject documentary \"The Man in the Booth\" was selected for MNTV 2013, an annual three-part series produced in collaboration with Independent Filmmaker Project Minnesota, TPT and the Walker Art Center. Since 2008 Justin has directed two feature films and in 2014 will begin work on his third feature titled \"Tess\"; a drama about three sisters, which he is currently writing with his wife Jennifer Ayd. In addition to directing movies, he is currently working as the production designer on a 16mm film titled The Kingdom of Ends, directed by Johnathon Olsen, produced by self destructive films. The film is a personal vision of abolitionist John Brown that focuses mainly on his time in Kansas. For a steady day job, Justin works at the locally owned Willow Creek Cinemas Twelve movie theatre. He holds a full-time position as Assistant Manager and Social Media Manager, where he curates the theatre’s acclaimed facebook page.