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Film – Detroit, MI

I first started shooting/editing video in New Jersey about eleven years ago. As a male, I never felt comfortable expressing my emotions, and it was through the medium of videography I found my heart come to life. I discovered that my emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health would unravel over time, becoming imbalanced, and through expressing what I was facing via film I could grow through the pain. In all that I create, I choose to be vulnerable and face my struggles head on. I believe that in vulnerability and honesty, we can grow together as people. My greatest hope within my own original work is that it will cause you as the viewer to think deeper on subjects that are lightly treaded in our society, spurring new thoughts and bringing new life. ...more

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Showcasing in Detroit, MI

STELLAR at St. Andrew's Hall (18+) – Nov 19, 2019 @7:00PM