Kara Zuzu

Visual Art – Pittsburgh

I have lived in Pittsburgh my entire life and continue to discover new and exciting things about this city, which coincidently I attribute to keeping me a resident of the 412. If I chose to move to any other city it would undoubtedly be Detroit, I love the D! That’s a good intro to my bio right? Telling about my undying love for a city that is bankrupt and riddled with crime!? I had a cat as a young girl, Sugar she was called, aka Sugie. She was anything but sweet and left a permanent scar on my sister’s face and often brought presents of half dead animals into the house. I loved her all the same. I still wonder if I could find her on that farm my mom gave her too… I also had a pet grasshopper, Mr. Coffee, on account that he lived in a coffee can. I lost him in my parent’s car one day after I was giving him kisses and he bit me on the lip. I guess grasshopper’s aren’t really the lovey dovey type.