Kathryn Nee

Photography – Atlanta

I am Kathryn Nee, a 31 year old Fine Art/Freelance and Commercial Photographer/Urban Explorer in Atlanta, Georgia. As a little girl, I dreamed of being a National Geographic photographer. I\'ll admit, I still want to do that when I grow up. My hardcore traveling/urban exploring obsession began about three years ago. I am drawn in to the danger and the risk that\'s involved with what I do. I began photographing things that to me were beautiful, but to others may be considered ugly. I find incredible beauty in old, decaying,forgotten places and objects. I love all things vintage, weird, macabre, dark, decaying, whimsical, unusual, strange, and unloved. When I\'m not photographing abandoned and vacant structures, I step into the land of the living and capture the beauty of people, often bringing them into my abandonments to be photographed. A huge thanks to the models that put up with me!