Kaylee Prebeck
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Photography – Sacramento, CA

My exploration of photography started at a very young age with an old camera that didn't even work. An adventurer at heart, I take journeys near and far to capture the easily overlooked details of everyday life. I love capturing the true heart and soul of life, which can be surrealistic in the moment. As I travel and explore, I have been working on a “Looking back” photo series that captures life through the wing mirror of my car. This series is a representation of my free-spirited journeys through life, but more importantly, it is the vision, the reflection, and the "looking back" at the beauty that is all around us. The vision captures our dissociation from Mother Earth, for destruction comes from thinking we are greater than the earth we live on. The reflection is the awareness that we need to respect what we have more fully. What’s around us is just that - a reflection of what we just passed in the moment before. With my “Looking back” series, I aim to open eyes to the importance of living in the moment and our affinity with nature, for we are part of a whole, like a branch on a tree. ...more