Visual Art – Baltimore

Hello – my name is Kellie Parmigiani and I love to create! I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area where I was surrounded by beautiful landscapes and many forms of art. I began creating in high school with beads, clay, and acrylic paint. I still have and enjoy several of those pieces. After marrying, starting my family and settling in Baltimore I have returned to creating. With my young ones in mind, as well as the future of our Earth, I try to be GREEN. As a result, I work mostly with recycled, re-purposed, and natural materials that are re-created and given a new life. Currently, I am focused on collages made from my most favorite found objects. I collect when I hike local spots and vacation spots. I put them all together in a fashion that pleases my eye and answers my sense of balance. I often showcase my work in vintage frames because I love the contrast between the intricate vintage details and the rawness of my materials. Other times I prefer the clean lines of a modern frame and the stark contrast it provides. I am inspired by the thrill of \"treasure hunting\" in nature and in thrift stores.