Key Porter /Anomaly Studios

Visual Art – Seattle

As a Seattle native, anime and manga culture dominated most of the rainy days in my childhood. Like any obsession, I started answering classwork in comic strips instead of sentences, studying the differences between Ghibli, Marvel and other major studios and becoming multilingual to understand subtitles to my favorite cartoons. But it wasn't until 2014 that I had the opportunity to study abroad at Tamagawa University in Tokyo, Japan did I take those passions wholehearted. While strolling to different art studios, walking through art stores in Machida and Kichijoji, and witnessing the art scene down the alleys of Harajuku; I knew I'd own my own studio and draw manga/comics for the rest of my life. So in 2016, Anomaly Studio was developed and Shifters was the first comic to be printed.