Visual Art – Orlando

Kieran is an illustrator, painter, musician and cook living in Sanford, FL. He attended Seminole State College where he studied graphic design and lunch. Kieran often draws very detailed, sweaty, dripping and stoned looking characters. It approaches you from a comedic angle but also gives you a glimpse into his vulnerability. His work ranges from strange and funny single tier cartoons, to panels of stories. These usually take on a political gag ranging from current events in the government to real life stories about his role in the LGBTQ community, to cats and pizza. His recent breadth of work takes on a more serious role. His Trans Works Collection is a series of stunning portraits of "genderless" and "raceless" individuals. He says this is his way of self medicating. His artwork is typically signed with 2 keys originating from his early moniker "Ki-Ki" Kieran hopes his artwork will promote transvisibility and the not-so-crazy notion that "weird is good." ​​ -C. Kedrierski ​