Kiff Profile Picture
Music – Calgary, ALB

Kiff is a Calgary-based artist who produces, writes and records hip-hop and R&B music. Influenced by many mainstream artists such as Travis Scott, The Weeknd, Drake, Kanye West and many more, Kiff strives to be the next big influencer in the music industry. Kiff wants to connect and interact with people of all backgrounds with his music while breaking stereotypes. Kiff’s creative process and approach to his writing and music help him cope with his mental health. His personal stories and reflections from this dark place, and his continued journey to overcome, is what inspires him to share his story to the world. Kiff hopes his music will help guide and spark light inside others who also struggle with mental health. Kiff brings back the art of storytelling with a unique melodic sound, blended with spacey R&B and hip-hop beats. It’s music for the clubs or music you can vibe to when you’re alone. ...more