Kiki Kisses

Performing Art – Melbourne

Burlesque dancer, Pin-up, Unicorn & Alt Model A vixen from New Zealand, Kiki Kisses is well known for her over-the-top stage antics and theatrical expressions. Most recently performed in the Australian Burlesque Festival 2016 & crowned Miss Burlesque Beauty 2016, Kiki has experience in many areas of dance. From Ballroom to hiphop and of course impromptu 3am performances on the dance floor. This tall drink of water brings together her wealth of experience and natural talents to dazzle, amaze and leave you wanting more. A true entertainer, her dance style is as equally sultry as it is comical and she enjoys surprising an audience – this gorgeous young daredevil is sure to leave you hot under the collar. She's grace, she's face, and she might show you second base!