Killers and Demons

Craft – Calgary

Julie Hiner is an author of heavy metal horror. She spent endless hours during her childhood lost in the pages of books and listening to the metal gods of the 80s. To this day, Julie is a hardcore 80s rocker at heart. After securing a computer science degree, Julie pursued a career working on large scale network systems. On a break between contracts, Julie followed her dream. She published a work of inspirational non-fiction capturing her journey of facing fear and anxiety by cycling up the mountains of the Tour de France. Several years ago, she plunged down a fiction writing path. Following her fascination of the dark mind of the serial killer and finding inspiration at a talk given by a local homicide detective, Julie wrote a serial killer novel. She now writes dark crime and horror infused with rock and metal. She has successfully independently published and launched an 80s metal murder series, a nostalgic 90s serial killer novella, and had several horror short stories published. She also custom designs the covers for her vintage print collection. She currently runs where she serves up toxic cocktails of 80s metal and raw horror.