Kimberly Mufferi

Photography – New York - Brooklyn

I have been taking photographs since I was a kid; my mom was a photographer as well. A camera in my hand just seemed right, comfortable, and the only way I wanted to experience the world around me. So I kept with it, and I am in love with what I do everyday... and now, thanks to RAW I can share it with you awesome folks, checking out my bio ;) Born and raised outside of Atlantic City, NJ, I moved around the East Coast, settling in NYC for the last several years. I graduated from NYU, and started my own photography business, where I have been fortunate to have amazing clients that support my style and creative ambitions. Whenever I am able, I head out and explore NYC and the world. I am always ready to travel to a different location, seeing the beauty that surrounds us, meeting amazing people, and experiencing new things... all while making photographs. In my work, I find moments and scenes, that are fantastic and dreamlike, yet they are actually happening, in that moment in that place. It\'s my own vision of SurReality. As I go through life I find myself so taken by my surroundings, that all I can do is hope to communicate what I am feeling and seeing in that instance, through a photo.