Fashion – Brisbane

kimbralou pieces are salvaged and customised to be one of a kind. Every exclusive piece is given a fierce edge and kimbralou guarantee to be never repeated. It is hoped that each piece finds their ‘owner’ who will enjoy, forever, their magic in ‘it’. Kimbralou is mindful of the problem regarding resource scarcity and the global push towards tighter environmental standards in fashion; particularly being one of the biggest ‘headaches’ for climate change control. Fashion businesses, before the kimbralou process, have already taken from the world’s resources to create the ‘virgin’ fashion pieces. Kimbralou has a circular business design, where thrifting expeditions salvaging many of these virgin pieces from their disposal phase is key. The main business motivator comes from a new generation of customers delighted to be able to ‘own’ a salvaged and customised kimbralou piece. The biggest question to all these fabulous customers is do they realise that their purchase is the biggest key to bringing, sometimes many virgin pieces, back into the garment lifecycle. Every action within kimbralou is considered against the constant question;”Does it cost the earth?