Kim Logan
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Music – Nashville, TN

Kim Logan is a songwriter, opera singer, poet, performance artist, rock and roll torchbearer from Florida. Following the release of her debut self-titled album in 2013, Kim has spent the years since touring America and Europe with a wheel-of-fortune display of diverse backing musicians, continuing a 17-year career in staged opera, and pursuing general interdisciplinary attempts at following the muse. Calling New York, Florida, Paris, and nowhere home all at once, Kim also draws from the veins of many varied musical sub-genres as reference points for her expression, and works to blur the lines between them all. The second oeuvre of Kim's work, "Pseudoscience," began its release in late 2016. The first two chapters are produced and developed by the formidable sonic wizards Vance Powell (Jack White, Chris Stapleton, Arctic Monkeys), and Brett Orrison (The Black Angels, Widespread Panic). "Chapter 3," composed of "Ladyboy" and "Hitch Your Wagon," produced by fellow Nashville artist and longtime collaborator/guitar player Gyasi Heus, sees its release in October 2017 on Kim's label Swamp Thing Records. Kim remains hard at work on developing a fully-realized traveling rock and roll circus. ...more