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Accessories – Toronto, ONT

After working in various marketing positions in corporate companies for many years, I decided to change my life as a mother and chose a new way. Ever since I was a kid, I've always been interested in doing handmade things like knitting and crochet, and I was helping my mother, who was modelling patterns and also sewing all my clothes. This is the first milestone of my ability for today. I like to combine materials, mix different patterns, and get differentiated products. I also believe in all the goodness and healing benefits of natural gemstones. They carry all kinds of energy and provide benefits from nature. Therefore, I aimed to design and produce one of a kind, unique jewelries and accessories using these precious healing jewels. I am enriching my designs with different kinds of gemstone beads, 925 silver, titanium (mesh) ribbon, silk and some traditional needle laces, wire, felt, knitting, fabric and variety of tassels and pom poms. ...more