Spirit Elevations

Craft – Salt Lake City

My name is Konor and I am a local Utah artist. I had found my joy and passion in art at an early age. It was my favorite subject in school and something I always looked forward to. Where most of the art I create now began was also at an early age but never fully unfolded until my later years with the fascination in the metaphysical arts and philosophy about energy and what life was all about. My pieces now root from my exploration of where my studies of energy have taken me. This includes cultural understanding from different sects of knowledge an philosophy being energetic and the mechanical functions of how to optimally use it for our benefit. My pieces contain; recycled metals, gems and minerals, and other earthly elements such as herbs etc. all contained within a polyester matrix. On the other hand I also create Wire wrapped items as well. For my wire wraps I use precious metals such as silver and gold along with precious and semi-precious gemstones. When I go to make a piece I have first meditated on the design with its purpose, function, creative flow, colors, qualities etc. When I really get into the wire wrapping process, as crazy as it sounds I feel the stones energy and wrap my curves around it. If I find myself outside the flow of energy the wire becomes hard to work with and and starts bending in awkward positions. So each piece I create has heavy intentions behind it and follows the flow of nature, trying to really capture the essence of the stones and energy flow they give off.