Kooky Collages
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Visual Art – Nashville, TN

Welcome to Kookyland! Kooky Collages started as a way to help me disconnect from my worldy anxieties and transport me into an etheric realm of peace and color, and I am beyond grateful that thousands of people have related to my art and choose to join me on a visual journey through wonderland. My name is Mary Catherine Harrington, but I express myself through my alter ego, Kooky Collages. I strive to create art that makes you think about things differently. My pieces not only transport you into another world, but inspire you to view your own reality through more colorful eyes! I am a 27-year-old collage artist who spent my entire childhood engulfed in the magical, lush scenery of Louisiana. As I child, I was putting together pieces from from multiple coloring books into one cohesive design before I even knew collaging was a thing. As a teen, I used to spend hours gazing at surrealism art online, admiring it’s whimsical qualities that not only challenged my perceptions of reality, but also dissolved my worries. I found myself whisked into another state of consciousness just by viewing art and once it seemed like I’d seen every piece of surrealism collages I could find online, I decided I had to put my knowledge of graphic design to good use and start making my own. That’s how Kooky Collages was born. I hope you feel just as calm, inspired, excited, and creative looking at my art as I do when making it. Thank you for reading my story! Please come by my booth and say hey and feel free to message me kookycollages! ...more