Kim Page

Visual Art – Calgary

Kim Page is a new mixed media and acrylic artist focused on abstract realism, primarily in floral compositions that burst with vibrant colours, joy, and movement. At the heart of Kim's artistic practice, is a profound desire to feel and share joy even through the darkest of times. She believes you can experience darkness and light in equal measure – but hopes to tip the scales to light, bright, and a spark of delight with playful, unexpected, familiar but not quite realistic abstract images and shapes. Growing up in a valley of Alberta’s Foothills, Kim’s connection to colour began as a child imagining “how many colours of green exist” (answer: infinity) while being in awe every Spring at the vistas surrounding her childhood home. With this sense of wonder, Kim began her art journey as a child through to young adult. Kim returned to painting to help manage symptoms resulting from a stroke on New Years Day 2021 – to help reset the tired brain by getting lost in abstracts for the first time and play with colour. Kim’s artistic journey is a testament to the transformative power of art and the infinite capacity of the human spirit to seek and celebrate joy. Through her abstract floral compositions, she invites us to feel a little bit of happiness and curiosity at the joy life can offer even through the inevitable challenges life presents.