Minnie Blue Apparel by Kristen Colemon

Fashion – Nashville

Kristen (k.c) Colemon is a natural born fashion designer, originating from Atlanta, GA now resigning in Knoxville, TN. Moving around from state-to-state helped Kristen develop her quirky style. Kristen grew her love for fashion design at a very early age. Sketching ideas and learning main stream designers became her hobby. Kristen then studied fashion design at Bauder College in Atlanta, GA, as well as the International Academy of Design and Technology (IADT) in Tampa, FL. However life took a turn down a different path, delaying her dream of becoming a fashion designer. She also had a love for hair and makeup, which allowed Kristen to become more creative by completing an overall look. Today Kristen has a high fashion clothing line that she calls,'"Minnie Blue Apparel"'. Both "Minnie" and "Blue" are family names, which allows her generation to enjoy the styles of her grandmother's era with an eclectic twist.