Kristen Lunceford

Photography – Las Vegas

I\'m Kristen with an \"e.\" I grew up in an idyllic California beach town, gained a degree--and a husband--in Arizona, called London--then Minnesota--home, and I am now raising three pint-size blessings in a place no one ever expects to end up but is secretly glad that they did--Las Vegas. I\'m nostalgic and sentimental, but never in an over-the-top girly way. I love Jesus, being a wife and mom, browsing the Anthropologie sale rack, and, of course, photography. I\'m a Mac, not a PC, and you can always find me looking for the next hill to climb. Like right now. I\'m building a photography business in part because I have loved photography ever since I was old enough to fill out one of those photo processing envelops at the grocery store. I\'ve never been able to outrun the passion that drove me--week after week--to ride my bike down to that Vons photo kiosk, fill out my name and address on anywhere from two to 10 envelops at time, and check, \"Yes, I would like doubles, please.\"