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Visual Art – Edmonton, ALB

KTDE designs is an arts collective created by Dale Smith aka "Dee Swayze" who is both a digital and traditional artist who specializes in comic book characters, costumes and props as well as music and sound design. Dee started drawing at a young age, drawing his favorite characters from comic books as well as animations he liked, such as spider-man, dragon ball and transformers. In high school he enrolled in several art classes where he began to learn new tips and tricks as well as expand the methods of drawing. It was also at this point that he began experimenting with graffiti and airbrush, doing pieces and murals around his hometown. Later on instead of continuing his art education he chose to go a different route, he completed a professional and independent arts degree at The art Institute of Vancouver where he learned all aspects of audio from music in film and animation,how to record live bands as well as sound design. KTDE has worked with several artists all over Canada and the US and has won awards for both songs and groups such as "best rising artist" and "peoples choice awards" It was a few years after graduating that he started to take up Art again, he started with some tattoo design practice, then decided to do character studies on comic book characters he liked and it was during this process he found his groove and now his main focus is in this area. It was also during this period that he also joined the cosplay community where his skills as a cosplayer and prop maker excelled at a rapid rate, his thirst for knowledge and how to improve fueled his drive and he went from buying his first deadpool costume to building full iron man suits as commissions. He is also at the point where he will be entering his work in competitions, and will be competing in the costume contest this may at Calgary expo. KTDE has a digital print inventory of over 30 pieces which he sells as 8x10 or 18x24 prints, he also has his own T shirts but will also custom designs them. He does digital and traditional art commissions as well as cosplay props and costume commissions. He also sells royalty free instrumental music for film or animation, and is willing to collaborate with as many artists of all kind on every platform that he is a part of. ...more

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Showcasing in Edmonton, ALB

Holiday RAWk 2019 at Union Hall (18+) – 05 Dec 2019 @7:00PM