Visual Art – Miami

KT Luddy is an emerging artist with a B.A. degree in Art History and a minor in Studio Art from the University of Miami. She has been heavily influenced by her love for architecture and interior design. Also, she has studied a wide spectrum of art styles through the years and has been influenced by various artists including Picasso, Cezanne, Piet Mondrian, Jackson Pollock and her inspirational art professors: Kyle Trowbridge, Gerardo Olhovich-Perez (Gerry), and Walter Darby Bannard. A pivotal moment to her art inspiration came from the Abstract Expressionism movement in American painting after World War II. It was the freedom of the unconscious mind and loss of subject matter that allowed her to freely express her artistic passion. ​ KT Luddy has created her work through the experimental use of mark making and developing a sense of freedom to feel the perfectly imperfect emergence of form on each canvas. Her art has evolved into a communication of her unconscious thoughts and feelings through her eyes. ​ To the viewer, she would like you to create your own reaction to the piece and to enjoy the multi-dimensional elements that attract the eye from various points of view. Art is an open dialogue between the artist and the viewer.